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About Me

Courtnee S. Hawkins has been a practicing artist since 2003. He began studying art at Howard Community College in 2003 where he earned his associates in studio art. He then went on to continue his studies at Towson University focusing on painting under the guidance of Professors Nora Sturges and Seth Goodman. In 2008 he earned his bachelors degree in painting. Courtnee's work is influenced by his religion and highly developed sensitivity towards the social issues in the US and around the world. He grew up in a military family and spent most of his youth traveling. After high school he joined the army and did traveling of his own; spending two years of service in Germany where he got to experience other cultures. Courtnee's travel experience instilled in him a deep motivation to understand other cultures and to use his art as an avenue to develop such understanding. He approaches his work with an intense desire to communicate his experiences, and ideas to the individual.

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